Published June 14 2016

Honda Is Tapping into Autonomous Driving

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Honda Is Tapping into Autonomous Driving

Autonomous cars are slowly starting to prove what they are capable of thanks to an entire menu of safety features, sensors and a whole lot of testing.

Urban mobility and mobility itself are currently undergoing some important changes. More and more people are relying on shared ride and car services, rentals and public transit to get where they have to be. Autonomous cars are slowly starting to prove what they are capable of thanks to an entire menu of safety features, sensors and a whole lot of testing. Up until recently, Honda had remained out of the self-driving car discussion. But not anymore!

The future of driving

Taking everyone by surprise, Honda unveiled their autonomous car project at the GoMentum station. With the forecast of seeing the first self-driving cars out of the testing grounds and onto the public roads by 2020, no wonder the champions in safety technologies rose to the occasion. Until then, there is still a lot of fine tuning to do: if the technology is extremely promising, liability and social concerns have yet to find an answer. Until then, Honda has the basics down: thanks to their numerous, readily available safety technologies and features. It’s the case with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, part of the Honda Sensing Suite, now available as standard equipment in many of the Honda vehicles. Having safe vehicles providing active detection already on the market was but the first step towards full autonomy.

The second now is now the thorough testing of a fully autonomous vehicle equipped with those same safety components, but taking it a step further. For the purpose of the self-driving tests, they opted for a technology packed Acura RLX luxury sedan, equipped with numerous sensors, radars, lidars, cameras and GPS, the standard autonomous car attire. Honda partnered up with with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, the city of Concord in California and the GoMentum Station to run their first tests in front of the journalists.

A more than expected innovation

The GoMentum station is a disaffected military base offering 30 kilometers of paved roads and tunnels on a 20km2 zone, closely resembling an urban setting. The set up is perfect to put the self-driving RLX through a series of real-life simulations. In doing so, Honda is hoping to have their first fully automated vehicle on the road by 2020 and to make their product available at an affordable price. Eventually, cars will be able to “communicate” not only among them, but also with the infrastructures, transforming the way we drive and travel.

The years to come are going to be very exciting. If technology is already known to know a constant boom in evolution at a pace hard to keep up with, imagine now what will be achieved in a few years by putting this technology to the service of car manufacturing. Until we see the first fully autonomous Honda on the road, our lineup provides you with safety features and drivers assist that will make you and your family feel safer than ever. Discover everything you need to know about the Honda Sensing Suite and our models at Lallier Honda in Repentigny.

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