Published May 30 2018

Skip the Pump with the 2018 Honda Clarity in Lachenaie, Quebec

By Lallier Honda 40/640

Skip the Pump with the 2018 Honda Clarity in Lachenaie, Quebec

With solid green credentials, the 2018 Honda Clarity hybrid requires little gasoline for your daily commute. A spacious midsize sedan, the Clarity rates highly as a family car. Shoppers will find it rich with quality, technology, and features. 

With its sleek and modern design, the sedan reflects a blend of classic style and modern engineering. Honda has crafted an aerodynamic body with sleek lines. Jewel-eye headlights flank the distinctive grille. 

Making a Case for Electric Power in Lachenaie, Quebec

As a plug-in hybrid, the Clarity represents the best of two worlds. The gasoline engine ensures that you’ll always get where you are going. The electric motor creates 232 lb-ft of torque and the net horsepower rating is 212.  The hybrid battery gets charged overnight and then provides up to 76 kilometres of travel. There’s also a 240-volt charger to boost the battery in 2.5 hours. The ample electric range means that many Clarity drivers will not use any gasoline during their round-trip commutes. 

Your gas mileage is rated at a mere 2.1LE/100 KM, when including the electric range. With the gas engine as the main power source, the car uses only 5.3L/100KM in the city. On the highway, it is rated at 5.9L/100KM. 

The Clarity has Honda Sensing, a suite of crash avoidance systems. This includes a road departure mitigation system and a lane departure assist. For forward collision dangers, there is an autobrake. Adaptive cruise control allows the Clarity to slow and go while the driver concentrates on steering. 

Making the Case for Quality in Lachenaie, Quebec

If you are comparing midsize sedans, it will interest you to know that Honda uses high quality materials in the well-designed Clarity cabin. Adding to its premium vibe, Honda uses extensive sound insulation to give you a quiet ride. In a nod to the environment, the base model has a bio-fabric upholstery. If you want softer touches, the Touring edition combines a suede-like material and leather. On the dash, the audio system allows you to access dozens of apps via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

At 919 mm, the Clarity's rear legroom is the most generous in the midsize class. Your passengers have dedicated heat vents to spread the warmth around. For your luggage, the Clarity boasts a 439-litre trunk. 

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