Published September 30 2016

The rumor was true: Honda introduces the Civic Type R in Paris

By Lallier Honda 40/640

The rumor was true: Honda introduces the Civic Type R in Paris

The automotive world is a bit like the NHL around the trade deadline. There are plenty of rumors, and even if some of them are completely unfounded, there is always a grain of truth.

Take for example the Honda Civic Type R presented yesterday at the Paris Motor Show. Rumors announced the unveiling weeks ago, but there was no confirmation. That is, until the veil was lifted.

The Civic Type R unveiled in Paris is nothing short of spectacular

The Honda Civic Type R which was unveiled at the Porte de Versailles is certainly spectacular. Its 20-inch wheels and oversized spoiler will allow it to get noticed wherever it goes. Then there are the three exhaust tips mounted in a central position that give the Civic Type R a unique visual signature. The red accents everywhere on the body, including on the bumpers which are incidentally made of carbon fiber, as well as on the logos remind us that the Civic Type R is a performance car.

Often when this kind of prototype is presented at an auto show, there is very little information to accompany it. This is indeed the case with the the Honda Civic Type R unveiled in Paris as we do not know yet which engine will be found under the hood.

That said, it will probably be the same four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo that powers the current Type R, but its power will increase from 310 horsepower to 350. A six-speed manual gearbox takes care of sending all that power to the front wheels.

We know that the Honda Civic Type R will eventually be available in Canada, as Honda confirmed last year. It now remains to be seen whether it will be the model presented in Paris as a production vehicle or the current generation of the Type R for sale in Europe today.

We will know soon! For now, do not hesitate to contact your Lallier 40/640 dealer today for more information!

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